Speed - delay between images

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Speed - delay between images

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I'm most interested in one option. I extracted all its frames from gif and wanted to "recreate" it in screensaver slideshow. Windows default goes only about few seconds on fastest settings. Your program can go 1 second but it is still too slow for smooth transitions.
Is it possible to go faster than 1 second? Why the 1 second limit? Can I experiment anyhow with that value? Any registry hacks? Configuration hacks?

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Re: Speed - delay between images

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gPhotoShow, as any other slideshow, is not designed to play animations using single frames, reducing the time between frames is not enough to play an animation, even if you can set it to 0 gPhotoShow needs time to load, resize and render images and it is not designed to do it fast enough for 10 or even more frames per second.
Gianpaolo Bottin

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