Video sound intermittent on/off

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Video sound intermittent on/off

Post by Dalman »

Hi, I'm using the pro version - 1.6.1 - and love the program.. my only problem is that although I've selected 'disable audio' on the video configuration tab, random videos still play sound. The problem is not isolated to any particular video type, or any particular video. A video will play correctly (no-sound) at one point in time, but then the same video will play sound the next. Any ideas?

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Re: Video sound intermittent on/off

Post by gpb »

older versions of gPhotoShow Pro had this issue, it was due to changes in the media player and vlc component used by gPhotoShow. The last version (7.3) should work correctly, you could try it and see whether the issue is fixed also for you.
Gianpaolo Bottin

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