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The single-user license is 10.90 Euro **, multi-user discounts are also available.

What registering will get you:

  • A registration key emailed to you.
  • Your key will remove reminder windows and time limits.
  • A warm fuzzy feeling that you did the right thing. Without your support, we can't keep adding new features to Wallpaper Slideshow Pro and can't have time and resources to help you if you have problems
  • All updates to the Wallpaper Slideshow Pro version you purchased are FREE (for example from v2.3.0 to v2.4.0 is a free update). You will only be asked to pay for upgrades when the first number changes, for example from v2.x to v3.x

Online payment processing is handled by PayPro, they provide secure online ordering, credit card payment and immediate registration key delivery by email (usually within few minutes). You can use most credit and debit cards (or Paypal) to make a payment.

Note: Wallpaper Slideshow Pro and gPhotoShow Pro are not the same ! The license you purchase from this page will allow you to use Wallpaper Slideshow Pro only, if you wish to purchase "gPhotoShow Pro" go to this page.

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** Price:

  • The 10.90 Euro price is subject to change. (Might go up when some major new version comes, but will stay at 10.90 Euro for now.)
  • The price in Euro will be converted by PayPro into your chosen currency and VAT will be added if applicable.
  • The Universal Currency Converter allows you to convert amounts between different currencies, so you can figure what 10.90 Euro is in your local currency if you live outside the Euro area.
  • If you are ordering many copies click on "Volume Discount available" link in the PayPro purchase page to display information about discounts.