UDP Remote Control PlugIn - gPhotoShow Pro

The UDP Remote Control PlugIn is a simple plugin to remotely control gPhotoShow.

UdpRem v1.0.2
After downloading, double-click the downloaded file in Windows Explorer to start the installer.

This plugin accepts simple text based commands sent using UDP network protocol.

It can be useful when using gPhotoShow on a digital picture frame application, with this plugin you can send commands to gPhotoShow from a smartphone or another computer.


UDP Remote Control Plugin

Here are some of the available commands to remotely control gPhotoShow:

  • Pause/restart slideshow
  • Next picture
  • Turn on/ff monitor
  • Mute audio
  • Set a date filter to display pictures between two dates
  • Set a keyword filter to display pictures containing specific keywords
  • Set a rating filter di display pictures with a specific star rating
  • Enable/disable some of the configured folders
  • Perform a new scan of the configured folder for find new pictures
  • Display filename of current picture
  • Exclude or delete current picture

A free utility to send upd messages from command line is "Swiss File Knife" available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

On Android there are couple of nice programs that can send UDP packets, "UDP/TCP Widget" and "IOT Remote control".

They are very easy to setup and use, for example here are screen shots of "IOT Remote Control". Simply configure IP address (or network name) of the computer running gPhotoShow, the same port number configured in gPhotoShow, the UDP protocol and the command text.

UDP Remote Control Plugin

UDP Remote Control Plugin