Scheduler PlugIn - gPhotoShow Pro

The Scheduler PlugIn allows you to schedule the display of specific folders.

Scheduler v1.0.1
After downloading, double-click the downloaded file in Windows Explorer to start the installer.

This can be useful to limited the display of some files to specific periods of time, for example they can be displayed only during work hours or specific days of the week. This plugin only allows to schedule folders not single files, this have several advantages:
- easy and fast to setup even if you have thousands of files
- you can and/remove files inside the folders and they will be scheduled according to the settings for that folder (files may be added/removed while gPhotoShow is running)

For each folder the plugin allows to configure :

- Begin Date, End Date

- Days of the week (for example only on Monday)

- Begin Time, End Time

It accepts more than one schedule for each folder in this way you can for example, specify different times for work days and week-end.


Scheduler Plugin


Scheduler Plugin