Monitor On/Off PlugIn - gPhotoShow Pro

The Monitor On/Off PlugIn allows gPhotoShow switch off/on connected monitors at a specified hour of the day (weekly programming) or after a specified amount of time.

MonitorOnOff v2.1.3
After downloading, double-click the downloaded file in Windows Explorer to start the installer.

The plugin can also perform alternative operations, instead of switching off monitors it can put the system in standby, hibernation or perform system shutdown. In case of standby and hybernation the plugin can wake up the system at the specified time of the day.

This plugin is useful when gPhotoShow plays video because in this case the video player prevents windows power management from performing the programmed operations (monitors are always on and the never goes to standby).

This plugin is also useful when gPhotoShow is used as a digital photo frame, in this case the plugin can be used to switch the system on and off at specified hours of the day.


MonitorOnOff Plugin


Monitor On-Off plugin is fully compatible with Windows 7 and 8 but on these systems to resume your system from standby or hybernation the plugin requires the system option called "Allow Wake Timers" is enabled. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> ("Hardware and Sound", if Control Panel's display is not in a list view) -> Power Options -> click on "Change Plan Settings" -> Change advanced power settings -> Sleep -> Allow Wake Timers -> set to Enable and click OK: