gPhotoShow Pro - PlugIns

RSS Feeds Plugin

The RSS Feeds PlugIn allows you to display news titles as news ticker over gPhotoShow/WallpaperSS slideshow and to download media files from RSS Feeds.

Flickr Plugin

The Flickr PlugIn allows you to download media files from Flickr Photostreams.

GoogleConnect Plugin

The GoogleConnect PlugIn allows you to download media files from your Google Photos Library or Google Drive

Clock Plugin

The Clock plugin displays an analog clock and optionally the current date. Both clock and date are skinned with several styles available.

Weather Info Plugin

The Weather Info PlugIn allows you to display local weather information over gPhotoShow slideshow.

ImgFilters Plugin

The Image Filters PlugIn allows you to filter/enhance images displayed by gPhotoShow Pro in several ways.

Scheduler Plugin

The Scheduler PlugIn allows you to schedule the display of specific folders.

NewPhotos Plugin

The NewPhotos PlugIn allows gPhotoShow to display new photos as soon as they are copied to a specific folder. When there are no new photos gPhotoShow displays a slideshow as usual. 

MonitorOnOff Plugin

The Monitor On/Off PlugIn allows gPhotoShow switch off/on connected monitors at a specified hour of the day (weekly programming) or after a specified amount of time.

MQTT Client Plugin

The MQTT Client PlugIn allows gPhotoShow to connect to a MQTT broker. This allows gPhotoShow to receive commands and display info on the screen.

UDP Remote Control Plugin

The UDP Remote Control PlugIn is a simple plugin to remotely control gPhotoShow.

Hotkeys Plugin

The Hotkeys PlugIn allows to change slideshow on-the-fly by pressing a hotkey. It is also possible to open a windows and select the SlideShow. 

ImgOverlay Plugin

The ImgOverlay PlugIn allows to overlay a logo or a watermark on pictures displayed by gPhotoShow Pro.

AudioVolume Plugin

The AudioVolume PlugIn adds hotkeys to change or mute audio master volume during the slideshow.