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Information)? I would like to display lens data but I don't know how to do it." >Usually lens info is stored inside makernotes, a custom area of exif tags specific for each manufacturer. Since this are is not officially documented gPhotoShow is not able to display its content. There are some standard lens info field and gPhotoShow can display them but probably they will not contain any info. However gPhotoShow is able to read almost any standard exif/xmp tag using a query language implemented in the library used by gPhotoShow.

The syntax of the query language is rather complex, here are some info on how to read exif and xmp tags.
For exif use the following syntax:

where NNNNN is tag number, for example to read standard exif lens description:

The syntax for xmp:

where namespace can be any of standard namespaces or a custom one. For example to read exif altitude:
Standard namespaces are: rdf, dc, xmp, xmpidq, xmpRights, xmpMM, xmpBJ, xmpTPg, pdf, photoshop, tiff, exif, stDim, xapGImg, stEvt, stRef, stVer, stJob, aux, crs, xmpDM, Iptc4xmpCore, MicrosoftPhoto, MP, MPRI, MPReg

To read Lens Model in aux namespace:


To read non standard namespaces the URL of the xmp schema must be used, and the slash (/) char must be escaped using a backslash (\) for example to read LensModel from exifEx namespace:

gPhotoShow can get the text to display over your images from different sources.

  • "Description" field of the Exif header
  •  DESCRIPT.ION file
  •  .gprop file (gPhotoShow Image Properties file)

You should choose the method which better suits your workflow. For example if you edit all your images and your editor is able to set the "Description" field in the exif header, your could simply set your text there and set the gPhotoShow option "Exif - Description Data" in the "Image Options" section.
If you wish to display a text on some images but you don't wish to edit them, you can use gPhotoShow Image Properties:

  1. Set all your preferred options for the slide show
  2. In the "Advanced Options" section, enable the option "Use configured keys to..."
  3. Click on the "Keys..." button and set a key for "Open Image Property" action.
  4. Start the slide show (or the screen saver)
  5. When you see a pictures where you wish to add a description press the key you configured in step (3)
  6. Now a dialog is open, enable the option "Edit Description", insert your description and click on the "Save" button

gPhotoShow will create a file with the same name as your image but a .gprop file extension.

You can edit this file with gPhotoShow in two ways:

  • Start the slide show (or screen saver) again
  • Wait for the picture to be displayed and press the key you configured in step (3) before


  • Locate the .gprop file for the picture your wish to change by using windows explorer
  • Double click on it