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To avoid unknown publisher warning screens when your screensaver is downloaded or installed, you must add your digital signature to the screensaver setup file generated by gPhotoShow Pro. This is called code signing.

Please note that before gPhotoShow Pro version 6.4 you can not sign screensaver SCR files directly. You can only sign the screensaver setup program. Starting from gPhotoShow Pro 6.4 you can also sign the scr file (exe in case of slideshow) created by gPhotoShow.

Step 1 - Obtain your code signing certificate
To sign files, you need to have your own code signing certificate. Obtain your code signing certificate from one of the certificate issuing authorities such as Verisign, Thawte or Comodo. Cheap code signing certificates can be purchased from K Software

Step 2 - Sign your files using code signing software
Once you have obtained your code signing certificate files, use any code signing software to sign your screensaver setup package using your code signing certificate files. The most popular way is to use SignTool.exe which is available as a part of the Microsoft Windows SDK. A good alternative is kSign a free utility created by k Software