gPhotoShow Pro - Panoramic Images FAQ

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To do it you need to edit Image Properties for your panoramas:

  1. Set all your preferred options for the slide show
  2. In the "Advanced Options" section, enable the option "Use configured keys to..."
  3. Click on the "Keys..." button and set a key for "Open Image Property" action.
  4. Start the slide show (or the screen saver)
  5. When you see the panorama you would like to see scrolling on the screen press the key you configured in step (3)
  6. Now a dialog is open, enable the option "Auto Scroll", choose the direction, duration time and click on the "Save" button

The next time you will see that picture it will move on the screen and you will enjoy your panorama !

The "Web Pages and Panoramas" section is only for 360x180 degrees spheric panoramas. Panoramas saved as .mov can also have different settings but jpeg can only be full spheric panoramas. For simple rectilinear panoramas you must use the Panoramic Images section, files in this section are scrolled automatically on the screen.