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This is a common issue with some ATI display adapters, the drivers use low quality textures in order to improve performances. To fix the issue open the Catalyst Control Center, 3D Options, open the "AA Mode" or "Anti-Alias" section (the exact name depends on the display adapter) and move the settings towards "Quality".

For a number of reasons gPhotoShow is not designed to pan&zoom across an image at high speed like a video game. It is designed to slowly perform the animation, if images are big 16 seconds can be a too short time. Optimum times are between 20 and 40 seconds, it mostly depends on image size and with big images you could try with a higher time.
The frame rate is set at about 60 fps, this allows gPhotoShow to run on most computer without loading cpu too much but with this frame rate it can't move images around at high speed with a smooth animation. Cpu load is important for several reasons, on servers a screen saver can't take all cpu because there are important programs running in background and a cpu running at high speed consumes much more electricity, this is important for a program that runs for hours.

There is another possible cause for jerky animations, when it is run as screen saver gPhotoShow runs at the lowest priority so if you have any other program (for example antivirus or disk defragger) that starts working when the screen saver is active this could steal all cpu from gPhotoShow and cause slowdowns and jerky animations.

This is a known issue with nVidia display drivers, it can be fixed by setting the following option in nVidia control panel:

- Open NVIDIA Control Panel
- Manage 3D Settings
- Vulkan/OpenGL Present Method -> Prefer layered on DXGI swapchain
- If you prefer you can set that option only for gPhotoShow, in this case in the tab program settings add the programs:
"C:\Program Files\gPhotoShowPro\gPhotoShow64.exe"
and set "Prefer layered on DXGI swapchain" for both programs. Note: the nVidia control panel only allows to browse for .exe file type, you must type C:\Windows\gPhotoShow64.scr in the text box and click Open
- Click on Apply