Mouse Speed Switcher - Tutorial

Quick Start Tutorial

Learn how to use Mouse Speed Switcher in 5 minutes

In this quick start guide you will see how easy it is to use Mouse Speed Switcher to automatically change your mouse setting when you use two or more mouse, touchpad or any other pointing device. If you still didn't install Mouse Speed Switcher you must first download and run the installer.

After MouseSS is installed and started you will find its icon in the windows notification area (or system tray) in the Windows taskbar:

Mouse Speed Switcher Tray Icon

If you can't find that icon the program didn't start automatically, in this case you can start it manually by using the shortcut on the desktop or in the windows start menu:

After the program is started its icon will be displayed, click with the right mouse button on the icon and the MouseSS menu will appear:

Mouse Speed Switcher Main Menu

Choose "Settings" to open the configuration window:

Mouse Speed Switcher Main Window


1. Replace default device names with a name of your choice.

2. Move the sliders for "Touchpad" and "External mouse" to the desired speed, if you have more than 2 devices you can enable and configure Mouse 3, 4 and 5.

3. If you need you can choose a mouse wheel configuration for each mouse and swap mouse buttons.

4. If you wish to use a specific setting when your computer starts tick the option "Apply on Startup" for one (and only one) of the mouse settings

5. If you wish to automatically change settings when you are using a specific mouse tick the option "Apply automatically when this mouse is used" then choose a device, since usually it's rather hard to understand which of the HID devices is the right one simply use the device you wish to configure and click on the button "A", MouseSS will automatically set the mouse you are using

6. Optionally configure Hotkeys to change settings by using a combination of keys.

8. Mouse Speed Switcher is ready ! Click on Ok and enjoy !


Here you can watch a video showing all steps above: