Exif wMarker - Upgrade

Exif wMarker Upgrade

Registered users of Exif wMarker can upgrade to the latest version at a reduced price. If you are not a licensed user of Exif wMarker yet, please see the regular order page.

If you purchased your Exif wMarker license on or after January 1st, 2022, the upgrade to Exif wMarker 3.0.0 is available free of charge.

Since Exif wMarker Version 3 uses a new licensing system all users need a new registration key. Enter here your old registration key to get a new one then download the trial version available on the download page to update the program.

If you are not eligible for a free upgrade, upgrading to the latest version costs only 5.40 Euro per license

An upgrade gives you the same rights as a regular license purchase. You will receive a new registration key which can be used to register the latest version of Exif wMarker.

Questions ? See our Upgrade FAQ or contact us

Current Registration Key

Enter here your existing Exif wMarker registration key then click on continue, the system will check the key and tell you if it is eligible for an upgrade: