Wallpaper with multiple monitors

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Wallpaper with multiple monitors

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I love the fact that I can select to have the last slides seen become your wallpaper, even to the point of each monitor having a different photo. Unfortunately, I seem to be having a slight difficulty. My monitors are of different makes, models, and sizes, so I have the Screen Resolution in Windows 7 Pro-64 configured to set them at different heights so that the mouse slides straight across from one screen to the other. This makes the secondary monitor display its photo incorrectly with the top of the photo chopped off and attached at the bottom. If I align the monitors, it works perfectly. ATI video in one machine and Intel video in the other, both do this. Not crucial, just annoying.

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Re: Wallpaper with multiple monitors

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We aware of this issue, on windows versions older than 8 not all monitor alignment are supported. Usually top-aligned monitors should work correctly.
Gianpaolo Bottin

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