Cant get Googleconnect to work

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Cant get Googleconnect to work

Post by ddrouin »

Is there a place to turn it on besides the turning GoogleConnect on in the "Plug-Ins"? the google pluging turned on. GoogleConnect says Enabled/yes, scr/exe No version 1.4.3.

I don't have anything filled in in the Images section figuring it would use the GoogleConnect. When the screen saver starts it says Check program settings, There is no file to Display. I'm doing something wrong, but have no idea what it is.

Thanks for any help!
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Re: Cant get Googleconnect to work

Post by gpb »

in order to use GoogleConnect plugin you must first create a folder where to store downloaded images, add that folder in the page "Images" of gPhotoShow pro. Then in the GoogleConnect plugin:
- Enable it
- Set the same folder you added in Images
- Connect to your google account
- Tick at last one album or "All photos"
- Run the slideshow and wait for the plugin to download photos list and some images. Depending on the number of photos it may take some time
Gianpaolo Bottin
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