Usign folder structure

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Usign folder structure

Post by Charlie »

HI - I am wanting to batch process a larger number of photos that are in folders / sub-folders / sub-sub-folders etc. Is there a way I can use the folder names of those that are 2 or more places up the directoty tree. I don't want to use the full directory path as it is too long but would like to use [File.FolderName2] [File.FolderName3] for the watermarque. I have done this in the past with other similar software (e.g. Ant Renamer for renaming files)

A dummy example of the folder structure is below:
'Main Street' folder
'Building No 1'
'Room 1' folder
'Room 2' folder
'Room 3' folder
'Building No 2'
'Room 7' folder
'Room 8' folder
'Side Street' folder
'Building No 8'
'Room 5' folder
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Re: Usign folder structure

Post by gpb »

unfortunately a syntax like [File.FolderName2] [File.FolderName3] is not available, it's a good idea for a new feature but at the moment it can't be used
The only available option is [File.PartialPath], this will use all folder names under the root folder configured in wMarker
Gianpaolo Bottin
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