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A Suggestion

Post by Fitzwilly »

I spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out why my pictures weren't changing. I tried various things, but nothing worked. Then I discovered I'd made a goof by MOVING the two directories holding my photos to another location, not COPYING. In the main WS LT app, the two directories were still showing as they usually did, but they didn't even EXIST.

The suggestion: If WS LT discovers there are no pictures to show in a valid directory, OR if it discovers the directory doesn't even exist (as in my case), maybe a popup or even a color change of the offending directory in the listing might be a good idea. Granted, this was my error, but a lot of time could have been saved if I was alerted right away something was amiss.

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Re: A Suggestion

Post by gpb »

thank your for your feedback.
you are right the existence of the folders should be checked, I will add this check in a future update
Gianpaolo Bottin
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