Clock gets saved on wallpaper image

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Clock gets saved on wallpaper image

Post by chriss »

Thanks for a well made bit of software. I use the latest version of gphotoshow on windows 7 and I have one minor annoyance with it.
When the last image of the slideshow is saved as the wallpaper image it also saves the clock as part of this image, this means that most of the time my secondary monitor is displaying an incorrect time. Is there a way to have the time displayed on the screensaver without this fixed time then becoming part of the wallpaper?

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Re: Clock gets saved on wallpaper image

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What you ask it is only possible if you run gPhotoShow using Standard 2D transitions. When using DirectX gPhotoShow preloads next image so it doesn't have the current one any longer and wallpaper is built using a screen shot of the slideshow display so it includes everything.
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