Edit ratings with keys

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Edit ratings with keys

Post by NatCrutcher »

I'd like to be able to rate photos (0-5) while the screensaver is running. Under Slideshow Options, I found the Keys Configuration. It looks like I could use the Advanced tab with the Run External Tool commands to run something like https://exiftool.org/ to change the rating. But there are only three slots for external tools (four if I used the external editor), so I could only assign three (maybe four) ratings, instead of the full 0 to 5 stars.

Is there already a way I can do this? Is this a feature you'd consider adding? I could help develop a plugin for this.

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Re: Edit ratings with keys

Post by gpb »

gPhotoShow is a screen saver and slideshow program, you could exiftool as suggested in the FAQ but there are better tools to rate your pictures.
If you wish to mark pictures for a review there are several ways, for example set a rating you are not using, set a keyword or create a shortcut in a folder of your choice.
Gianpaolo Bottin

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