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Problems with videos, then with updating versions

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 3:16 am
by paul1965
Last night I decided to convert 263 video clips GPS uses to mp4. Afterwards, I opened GPS settings and made sure it saw the files had been updated, and restarted the screensaver. For some reason, it started playing all the clips back to back, with little to no pause in between (FYI the clips range from 15 seconds to 5 minutes). So I figured I'd check for an update, and there was one (labeled as free). I downloaded it, ran it, and it installed just fine. The one odd thing I noticed was that it seemed to have forgotten my previous settings for no desktop shortcut, etc. I launched the screensaver and everything seemed to work just find. A while later I walked back into the room and saw a message that GPS couldn't find VLC, and to make sure it was installed (it is). I acknowledged the error and it played a clip just fine, then went back to the photowall. I decided to check the registration settings, and saw that it was labeled as a trial version. I entered my key only to get an error message that my name/key were invalid. I rolled back to the previous version (7.4 I think), only to run right back into the same video clip issue, where they're all playing back to back again. The video thing has got me stumped, as I don't see why it would play them all back to back. The only reason I converted them was because I thought maybe a few were corrupt, as I didn't think GPS was playing the variety of clips I expected. While the update seemed to resolve that issue, obviously the licensing problem is a bigger problem. What are your suggestions on getting these issues resolved?

Re: Problems with videos, then with updating versions

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 8:20 am
by gpb
1) about video, gPhotoShow never had a pause between video, if you notice a pause it's only the time VLC or other video player takes to start playing.
2) gPhotoShow v8 is released in two versions, 32bit and 64bit. If you installed 64bit version you must also install the 64bit version of VLC. The opposite if you installed the 32bit version.
3) Upgrade to version 8 is free for those who purchased a license after September 1st, 2018. The new version notification should not label it as free if have an older license but a bug is always possible.

Re: Problems with videos, then with updating versions

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 12:45 pm
by paul1965
Hmm, my experience with videos was that I'd see the photowall for quite some time, then a video would play, then it'd go back to photowall for quite some time again. My video collection is quite small when compared to images (250k plus), so that made perfect sense to me. as I don't want to see all the video's in a row.

As far as the update goes, I saw this and clicked the link for 64bit, which would have been my error. I'll go back and grab the 32bit version instead.

"A Free update is available: Download gPhotoShow Pro 7.4.10"

I just tried the update again and I see what the other problem was. When manually checking for an update, your website shows the upgrade links for version 8 first, then links to update previous versions underneath (once you scroll down). Since you don't label your current installers with version info, and that's what I expect to see, I assumed the download link being displayed was for the update I needed. 7.4.10 was farther down and I was able to install it. I'll see what happens with the videos a bit later.