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I came up with a neat trick for sleeping....

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2019 5:42 am
by way2trivial
I have three monitors in my bedroom 24 & 27 4k monitors from dell, and a widescreen LG... when the screensaver kicks in, and the lights are off, it's- BRIGHT right at my bed..

downloading this freeware tool to my c:\ root

I created two batch files
c:\clickmonitorddc_6_4 dellp b 2 dellu b 2 lgultra b 2

c:\clickmonitorddc_6_4 dellp b 60 dellu b 60 lgultra b 60

And when gphotoshow runs, it calls the dark.bat as "run before"
and bright.bat as "run after"

And I'm sleeping better :)