Dissolve Effect with spanned Images

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Dissolve Effect with spanned Images

Post by Grelofgarta »

Hello everyone,

first of all i would like to thank the makers of this programm for their great work. Also its good to see them being so active in this forum and caring about their users and their product.

My configuration:
I have a setup with 2 monitors and i use the "A different image on each monitor" option with the "Display some images spanned on all Monitors" option checked.

I have 3 issues that i have experienced using the software:

1. After displaying a spanned image the last individual image is shown again. Example:

|Monitor 1 | Monitor 2|
| Pic 1 | Pic 2 |
| Pic 3 | Pic 2 |
| Spanned Image |
| Pic 3 | Pic 4 |

As you can see Pic 2 get exchanged for a spanned image. Afterwards the spanned image gets exchanged for a new image on Monitor 2 but for an old image on Monitor 1. I would expect both Monitors to get a new image because i want the slideshow to move forward, not backwards.

2. I use the "Dissolve" transition for a smooth transition from one image to the next one. When the occasional spanned image gets displayed on both monitors, the dissolve transition behaves strangely. On one monitor the transition works as intended but on the other it transitions from a 100% white image to the displayed image. I would expect it to use the last displayed image on the monitor instead of a white image. Changing the transition from "2D without DirectX" to "2D/3D" has no effect.

3. I use the "Show Files in random order but grouped by folder" option. The folder that images get picked from seems to be determined only by the image that gets displayed on the main monitor. This leads to strange behavior when a secondary monitor shows a new image in the moment where all images from the folder of the main monitor were already shown. Example:

|Monitor 1 (Main) | Monitor 2 |
| Pic 1, Folder 1 | Pic 2, Folder 1 |
| Pic 3, Folder 1 | Pic 2, Folder 1 |
| Pic 3, Folder 1 | Pic 4, Folder 2 |
| Pic 5, Folder 3 | Pic 4, Folder 2 |
| Pic 5, Folder 3 | Pic 6, Folder 3 |

So lets assume Folder 1 contains 3 Images. When Monitor 1 displays the 3rd image of Folder 1, all images of Folder 1 have been displayed so Monitor 2 gets an image from a new Folder (Folder 2). Unfortunately when its Monitor 1's turn to display a new image, it does not adopt to Monitor 2 by taking images from Folder 2 but instead selects a new Folder (Folder 3). Afterwards Monitor 2 adopts the Folder from the main Monitor and displays an image from Folder 3. I would expect that the after Monitor 2 switches to Folder 2, all the other Monitors also take images from folder 2 all monitors. Otherwise there are occasional singular images from a random folder.

I hope my explanation of the issues was clear and helps to debug the problems. If there is anything i can do to help you fix these things, let me know.

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Re: Dissolve Effect with spanned Images

Post by gpb »

thank you very much for your feedback:
1 & 2. gPhotoShow has been designed to create independent windows for each monitor, it has a single files list but each window runs its slideshow. This design has advantages and drawbacks, for example it causes the issues you noticed when enlarging images to span all monitors. Unfortunately it is not something that can be fixed without an important redesign of the program.
3. Normally gPhotoShow runs independent slideshows on each monitor, when using the setting "Show Files in random order but grouped by folder" gPhotoShow keeps a base folder for each monitor and when pictures are finished it randomly chooses another one, the setting labeled "On multiple monitor system:" controls how the folder is selected, by default any folder is allowed. If you choose the option to always get pictures from the folder used by the main monitor it could happen what you observed, it could happen if pictures finish when searching pic for monitor 2. I will see how I can fix this issue.
Gianpaolo Bottin

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Re: Dissolve Effect with spanned Images

Post by Grelofgarta »

1. If the screensaver is able to revert back to the previous image it should also be able to display a new image instead. The functionality is already in the program. I do not see how a major redesign of the software would be necessary for this. But of course im just guessing as i have no clue about the actual implementation. You are the expert.
2. I can imagine that this might be more complicated to fix. Would it be difficult to make the transition not come from 100% white to instead come from 100% black? It would still look a bit weird but atleast there wont be anymore white flashes. And it would feel more natural. I think when the slideshow starts the initial transition also starts from black. So having it always come from black would add consistency to the way the transition behaves.
3. You are right i am using the "always get images from the same folder selected for primary monitor" option. I forgot to mention that in my report.

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