Suggestion: Photowall picture size to 100%

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Suggestion: Photowall picture size to 100%

Post by Ray »

Hello again,

Last and final post for the day :lol:

Would it be possible to have the photowall mode be set to 100% max size.

This because I use multiple monitors, and have screen 1 divided into 2 screen (each displaying only vertically oriented pictures), my second screen is (displaying horizontal pictures).

So I basically use the Multiple monitor options to slice my screen and set the filters of each screen. But it would be nice to have photowall have images display 100%. Would make for one more unique way of setting up your slideshow. I basically made a few variations of displaying the same slideshow, which this would be a nice addition to, to alter once in a while and have some change :-).

Thanks :P !

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Re: Suggestion: Photowall picture size to 100%

Post by gpb »

The scope of Photowall is to display several images on the same display, setting image size to 100% means only one image is displayed so why use Photowall ? I don't see how it could be useful, probably I didn't understand your idea :D
Gianpaolo Bottin

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