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Digital Photo Frame - administration

Post by reyn »

I have just purchased gPhotoShow and before I dive in I would be interested in some ideas.
I have a 17 inch monitor which I am going to disassemble and frame to use as a Photo/Video frame.
It will be controlled from an AsRock Beebox mini computer in close proximity connected with a Dsub/Power/Audio cables.
The Beebox is wifi connected to my network. I would like to control gPhotoShow (running on the Beebox) from my Desktop in another room.
What I am looking for is a suitable method to do so.
I could use Windows RDP (both computers are using win 10 Pro).
or some other remote software. I would appreciate any info that will start me off in the right direction.

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Re: Digital Photo Frame - administration

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it mostly depends on what you wish to do
Usually you can simply configure gPhotoShow to display images and video from shared folders. If configured to periodically synch files list gPhotoShow will automatically detect any new file added to those folder, see File Options page in gPhotoShow settings
Then most operations like pausing or restarting the slideshow can simply be performed using a wireless keyboard
Of course you can also use remote desktop but normally should not be required.
Gianpaolo Bottin

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