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Newby to this app

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I have it installed on a windows 10 mach. Using the screensaver I have it pointed to a certain folder for pics. and there are 2 problems. One. It finds more pics than are in the folder. Like its pulling some from somewhere else . Not a ton of them but some. The other thing is I have it set to pull from a folder for videos. and It does not. I have played and played with it. I have all the video formats checked. I even installed vcl just to be safe. I'm about to call itl quits.

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Re: Newby to this app

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1. gPhotoShow Pro only scans the folder you add to images list, nothing else. Click on the "View Files" button to see which files gPhotoShow has found
2. Folders containing video files must be added in the "Video and Animations" page, only file extensions listed in "Video File types" will be detected, again click on "View Files" to see which files gPhotoShow found. If your video files have different file extension for example .ts you must install VLC and add those file extensions as shown in FAQ #24
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