Repeat one photo multiple times...

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Repeat one photo multiple times...

Post by mmaciel »

HI, is there any way I can repeat a specific photo in a screensaver, for instance have it show 1 time every 5 regular photos... like a ratio per say...



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Re: Repeat one photo multiple times...

Post by gpb »

I am not sure I understood your question. gPhotoShow has been designed to avoid repeating photos until all photos in the list have been displayed. For this reason it is not possible to repeat a specific photo.
If you mean to display a group of photo more often than others this is possible. gPhotoShow uses a weighted randomization algorithm where you give different weight to photos according to some criteria, for example you can give a different weight to newer photos or to photos in some folders. Photos with a higher weight will be displayed more often than others but each photo is only displayed once.
Gianpaolo Bottin

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