video miniDV metadata

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video miniDV metadata

Post by jfneuch »

Your software looks great. I am about to upgrade it to the pro in order to have the metadata overprinted.
I would like to have continuously a random show from my pictures and my video (miniDV camcorder file) with the taken or shouting date overprinted
I read that you can overprint the metadata from picture. Can your soft overprint metadata from video files ?
That would be really great. It is already days and days that I am looking for such software on internet. I could find only yours with that doubt.
That indication is important for us. If your soft doesn't show video tag, could you please give me some other software, who does it?
Thanks a lot

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Re: video miniDV metadata

Post by gpb »

gPhotoShow Pro plays video files by using Windows Media Player or VLC for this reason it can't overlay any kind of info on the video. As far as I know VLC is able to overlay file name on the video but I don't know if it can be configured to display other kind of info.
Gianpaolo Bottin

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