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Some URLs not loading

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 5:11 pm
by sl4ppy
I'm having some trouble with displaying URLs within the screen saver. Most pages work but some pretty basic pages dont load for me.. they just show a blank white page.

If I right click on the web page during the screen-savers white screen and display the source code of the URL, I see the source code just fine...

The pages in question are internal only websites to our organization, or I would share them for debugging.. The pages are very basic javascript graphs...

Are there any steps I can take to figure out what's going on?

Looking at my log files, it looks like the integrated browser in gPhotoShow renders the web page to an image and then displays the image?? The pages were loading take a second or two to generate their graphs. Is it possible it's just grabbing the image before loading is completed?

3-6-2015 12:59:36 : OnTimer: Enter (WaitDX=0)
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : ChangeBitmapFromTimer: Enter m_BmpChgStep=0, main=0
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : ClearHtml(), Closing Web Browser Window
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : ClearHtml(), Web Browser closed
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : ChooseImageFile(0),0
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : WeightedRandom: 0, total=2
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : ChooseImageFile: List Size 2, Selected 0 (ELB
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : ChooseImageFile: Added image to back list ELB
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : LoadNewImage: Monitor 0 Loading file ELB
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : VideoRestoreAudio 1
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : Resolved URL=http://<redacted>/elb-health.html?t=4h,7d
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : LoadHtml(), Creating Web Browser Window
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : LoadHtml(), Web Browser created
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : LoadHtml(), Navigating to file: http://<redacted>/elb-health.html?t=4h,7d
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : RestartScrapbook
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : ChangeBitmap: LoadNewImage er=0
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : ChangeBitmapFromTimer: Exit
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : OnTimer: Exit
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : OnNavigateComplete2: http://<redacted>/elb-health.html?t=4h,7d
3-6-2015 12:59:36 : ShowBitmap: Bitmap Empty !

Re: Some URLs not loading

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 9:35 pm
by gpb
the issue is probably caused by the script that generate the graphs.
To display web pages gPhotoShow uses the Internet Explorer ActiveX control, so it should basically behave like Internet Explorer but there are some subtle differences in some objects, I don't know the details but I noticed some pages that use jquery don't work correctly or have errors.
I think the only solution is to debug the script and check where it fails.

Re: Some URLs not loading

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 9:42 pm
by sl4ppy
Thanks for the quick response!

The scripts don't fail and load completely correctly in a regular browser... Is there a more verbose error logging from GPS?

Re: Some URLs not loading

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 9:48 pm
by gpb
Unfortunately there is no additional error logging, the Microsoft Web Control offers limited control on what the host application can do.
As I wrote I know there are some pages with lots of javascript that are not displayed correctly because of errors in the scripts but from the gPhotoShow point of view I have no way to understand what's going wrong. The Web Control is a black box, gPhotoShow starts it calls the method to navigate to an url but never knows what happens inside.

Re: Some URLs not loading

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2015 7:22 pm
by sl4ppy
WE managed to work around it. :) Server generated graphs that just display images works great!

Thanks gpb!

Re: Some URLs not loading

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2015 9:18 pm
by gpb
Great ! :D