Feature Request for the Video Portion of gPhotoShow

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Feature Request for the Video Portion of gPhotoShow

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Hello, first let me say that your program is great. It does like 95% of everything that I was looking for.

I do have a suggestion though for a new added feature if it is possible.

I love to laugh, so saved on my computer I have tons of videos and pictures of comedians from all over. Some recorded from TV, some recorded from live shows that I went to, and I usually have them playing in the background for when I am busy doing house work or whatever. Your program is great because I can play video files of the comedians skits and mix it with funny pictures I took while they were performing. Its great that the screen saver plays all of the different files in random order but I was thinking that you could, if possible, take that even further.

My suggestion is to create a feature that would not only show the pictures and video files in random order but, when it did get to a video it would also start playing somewhere inside it at a random time. Meaning, if I have 10 videos of comedians acts set up to play randomly with pictures, and the videos are set to play for like 5 minutes each, it would be great to not have them all start at the beginning each time they played. So that, each time it came to play a video sometimes it would start at the beginning, sometimes at the 3 minute mark, sometimes at the 5 or 7 minute mark, etc. It would be great if that is something that could be implemented and if you would have the time and ability to do it. Im not sure how popular a feature like that would be but for me it would be great because comedians go through so many subjects quickly and watching them for 5 min each from the beginning all the time can get a little old, even though they are usually hilarious for the most part. :)

Well, please let me know if that is something you would consider. I realize that it probably wouldn't be an easy or quick feature to add into your program and now that I think of it, im not even sure if VLC media player has that ability but I will check into it just to find out.

Thanks for all your work on a great program, whether this feature is added or not, I will be using gPhotoShow Pro as my primary screen saver program from now on.


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Re: Feature Request for the Video Portion of gPhotoShow

Post by gpb »

the requested feature is already present in gPhotoShow Pro version 7, "Video and Animations" -> Start playback from a random point
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