MP4 videos don't mute consistently

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MP4 videos don't mute consistently

Post by leehopkins »

I have a strange problem. My photo library includes videos of many file formats. I've selected "disable audio" in the screen saver video and animation tab but occasionally, not consistently, MP4 files will play audio. Sound occasionally comes blaring out of my PC when the screen save hits an MP4 video file.

It just happened a moment ago. I turned off all images and had only one folder selected in the video file selection area. Pressed preview and the same file played without audio. So the audio disabled this time but didn't a moment ago.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Lee Denver, CO

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Re: MP4 videos don't mute consistently

Post by gpb »

Are you playing MP4 files with VLC Player ? Maybe it depends on how they are encoded, with recent versions of VLC it is not possible to really mute audio and as workaround gPhotoShow disables the audio track but maybe on some video it doesn't work well.
An error log could help to understand what happens. To enable error logging go to the About section of the gPhotoShow configuration window and tick the option "Enable error logging...". Start gPhotoShow then wait for the issue with audio and stop it. Open again the configuration window and from the About tab click on the Open button, save it to a location of your choice and send it to me as a file attached to a PM or email.
Gianpaolo Bottin

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