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Priority file list-feature request

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 5:00 pm
by way2trivial
I'd like to have multiple file lists in the same configuration with priorites.

I'd like to say, 'show files from list A every 4th image, and from list b for the other 3'

I'd put the entirety of my image files (for variety) on list b, and the pictures that are special to me on list a.

this way, I get to keep seeing my kids~favorite images often-- but still the variety of the umpteen million rest.

maybe just a percentage box attached to each folder in the file list
any unassigned balance of the percentage goes to everything else- without a percentage.

so if I have a christmas folder, right now I give it 25%, good family images only 25%-- and all the rest of my folders get 50% of 'air time'

so 1 in every image comes from christmas, 1 in 4 comes from family, and all the rest of my folders supply 2 out of every 4 of the rest.

then in january I leave family at 25% and scratch the 25 from christmas, all the rest of my folders get 75% of my air time.

Re: Priority file list-feature request

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 5:35 pm
by gpb
Thank you very much for your suggestion. A kind of weighted randomization is already planned for one of the next updates. We think to add a weight to each folder in the list (from 1 to 10), files from folder with weight 10 will be displayed 10 times more often that folder with weight 1. Your suggestion is a little different but probably the final effect is similar. Anyway I recorded your suggestion.

In the meanwhile you can do something similar by adding more times the same folder, pictures from the duplicated folders will be displayed more often. The drawback is that pictures will be displayed more than once.