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HTML Files

Post by pbrunson »

I am working on a project that creates/updates a set of image files thru out the day. Since the images are in the rotation I have to find a way to update the images and remove the old ones while they are still in the rotation. I have tried several methods, and I am down to a HTML page that points to the image file that I can update. But I am getting a "Corrupt or unsupported format" error message from gphotoshow. Any ideas what this might be? It is a simple html file that points to the img file, nothing else.


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Re: HTML Files

Post by gpb »

gPhotoShow can periodically rescan the configured folders so you only need to add/delete files from those folders and gPhotoShow will automatically use available images. I don't understand why you need to use an html file to do it.
About the error message, gPhotoShow gives that error message when it is unable to load an image. It possible gPhotoShow tries to load the html file as an image or if you are copying files in the folders handled by gPhotoShow it is possible gPhotoShow tries to load an image while you are still copying it. I would suggest you to copy the files with another file extension (for example .tmp) then rename the file as jpg.
Anyway if you enable error logging after you see the error you can open the log file and see which file gave that error, maybe this can help a little to understand the cause of the problem.
Gianpaolo Bottin

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