Two-monitor operation

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Two-monitor operation

Post by TJCSF »

I'm running the Pro version on a new HP notebook with an external Dell LCD monitor (HDMI) and the native notebook monitor. The video chip is Intel HD Graphics 4000.

I'd like gphotoshow to start and run on the notebook monitor unless/unitl I run my mouse pointer over to that screen. Right now, I rarely use the notebook screen and it sits for long periods on the same imge. At the moment, it seems that when the Dell screen is active the screensaver won't start on the 2nd sceen.

Is this possible?


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Re: Two-monitor operation

Post by gpb »

gPhotoShow Pro can run a slideshow either on secondary monitors or on primary one but it can start automatically as a screen saver because windows starts the screen saver only when the system is idle and in your case it is never idle.
However you start gPhotoShow Pro manually, it is not difficult. basically you have to create a slideshow and save it as .gss file, when you wish to run it simply double click on the gss file. Take a look at this short tutorial it shows how to create a gss file. To display the slideshow on the primary monitor you need to go to the "Multiple Monitors" configuration of gPhotoShow Pro and remove the tick from the option "Enable multiple monitors support".
Gianpaolo Bottin

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