Random photos and videos

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Random photos and videos

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I am using version 5.2.2. Sometimes I notice repeating images over a short (~30 minutes) period of time. That seems a little strange as I have ~16,000 photos and videos in the folders I use for storing the pictures. What is the best way to set the screen saver to display random photos and video?

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Re: Random photos and videos

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Make sure the option "Save files list between runs" is ticked in the "File Options" section of the gPhotoShow Pro configuration window. When this option is enabled gPhotoShow Pro never repeats images until all have been displayed, file names are removed from the list so it is not possible they are picked up again.
If you have more than one monitor and you are using filters it is possible that sometimes images are repeated but it depends on some specific settings.
However it is possible you see the same image more than once if you entered a folder in the folder list more than once or if there are duplicated files (or maybe very similar pictures with different names).
Gianpaolo Bottin

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