Shortcuts to Network Drive Files

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Shortcuts to Network Drive Files

Post by robo »

Hi - I am a registered user of gPhotoShow pro 4.8.3.

To create an "album" of photos I wish to see on my computer as a screen saver, I have always copied shortcuts from the files i like to a separate folder called "Album Shortcuts". This has worked great for me in the past (I don't duplicate information and only see the subset of photos I want).

However, I recently moved all my images to a Networked Attached Storage harddrive such that my photos can be accessed by the entire family on any device. I have updated all the shortcuts to point to the new network drive (and confirmed they work). However, the screensaver now stays "black" for minutes before starting.

I have tried all the file synchronization and list options within the "File Options" menu to no avail.

I noticed that if i select my network drive image folder (X:\Pictures) as a directory within gPhotoShow, the screen saver comes up almost immediately. However, if i create a directory of shortcuts on either my C: drive or X: network drive, there is a tremendous delay.

It almost seems like the software is actually copying the images over to the local drive if it is a shortcut to a network drive image. And the length of the delay scales with the number of shortcuts.

Is there any way to avoid this? Thanks!!!

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Re: Shortcuts to Network Drive Files

Post by gpb »

I apologize for the delay, I didn't notice this topic.
Since version 4 gPhotoShow Pro is able to perform a background directory scan, when this option is enabled it takes a long time to start only the first time. Following times it will will start using a cached list saved on hard disk in the meanwhile it scans configured folders for new/deleted files.
About shortcuts, gPhotoShow uses them only as pointers to a directory so there is no additional work involved but maybe windows itself add some additional time when gPhotoShow uses them. Without a log file from gPhotoShow it's hard to guess the reason of such long time.
Gianpaolo Bottin

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