Scrapbook Delay seconds has no effect

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Scrapbook Delay seconds has no effect

Post by Larry »

I noticed that on the Scrapbook screen changing the 'Delay Between Images' and 'Delay After Last Image' seems to have no effect.

When the screensaver starts, the first background picture comes up. After the Delay time set on the Images screen (I have 12 seconds), the first mini image comes up, but is quickly followed by the other 4 or 5 pictures (the number of pictures displayed is determined by the size selected), then after about a 2 second delay the mini pictures all clear, the background resumes panning and changes in 12 seconds and the process repeats.

I have set the two Delay settings on the Scrapbook screen as high as 60 seconds each and it has no effect.

Am I missing something?


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Re: Scrapbook Delay seconds has no effect

Post by gpb »

gPhotoShow uses different timing methods depending on which option you choose, it is possible that with a combination of settings timers are not set correctly. Please send me a log file created by gPhotoShow it should help to understand the problem.
Gianpaolo Bottin

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