Wish List - Pausing Display and Sound

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Wish List - Pausing Display and Sound

Post by Larry »

I've used gPhotoshow for years and I love it but I never tried to pause it while music was playing, until now.

When I tried it I discovered that pressing pause (I've set it to be the space bar) pauses the screen but not the sound.
Pressing M (my key choice) stops the music rather than just pausing. In addition, there's no resume, it just goes on to the next song when you restart it.

Both Key configuration entries say 'Pause/Restart'. The display pauses and resumes. The sound stops and starts at the next song when restarted.

I would like to see a single Keyboard stroke pause/resume both the display and the music together.

Some may want to have individual control. But I'd like to see a checkbox that says something like 'Sync Display/Sound when Pausing/Resuming'

Thanks, Gianpaolo!


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Re: Wish List - Pausing Display and Sound

Post by gpb »

Thanks for the feedback. I recorded your suggestion, it should not be difficult to implement, I will see what I can do for the next update.
Gianpaolo Bottin

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