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gPhotoShow Pro 6.0.0 Released

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 2:19 pm
by gpb
gPhotoShow Pro 6.0.0 has been released today.

Some of the major new features include:
  • New: Scrapbook mode. Pictures are piled up like a scrapbook
  • New: Added option to first display newly added files in random mode
  • New: Added options to split any monitor into a configurable number of parts
  • New: Added options to combine stretch and crop to fit images to screen
  • New: Added more options for automatic color calculation for frame and background
  • New: Added options to filter images for their size (width or height)
  • New: Added options to exclude files older or newer than a specified date
  • New: Image information can be displayed for a limited time (DirectX only)
  • New: Sounds can be paused together with slideshow
  • New: Now it is possible to perform real pause/resume operation on sounds instead of stop/play next
  • New: Pan&Zoom, zoom level now can be set at a fixed value
  • New: Pan&zoom, animation nodal points can be customized
  • New: Added an option to limit video play to only one file even on system with more than one monitor
  • New: Added an option to start video playback from a random point (VLC Only)
  • Fixed: When filters exclude a high number of files they are displayed almost sequentially
  • Fixed: The option to stop sounds when video is playing often didn't work correctly