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I am almost there...

Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 12:09 am
by JohnS
I am evaluating Wallpaper Slideshow. I like it but, but I need to make sure my primary monitor does not distract me. I got 4-6 SECONDARY monitors and often I like to see them change, but the Primary monitor is in my eye 98% of the time and I need no distractions so I can work fast and concentrate.

OK, so I can fix the wallpaper display on "Monitor 1" so it does not change and new wallpaper appear everyelse--fine, But if I use Collages (a nice feature), I am busted--it is the worst visual distraction imaginable!

Any way to exclude this from happening on Monitor 1, but let it happen everywhere else? This gets to the issue of just not messing with the Primary display, something I am so used to with gPhotoShow Screensaver.

Maybe few people don't have multiple monitors and are hooked on their laptops, smartphones--all single monitor devices. But I only deal with computing stuff when I am at home, next to my awesome system, and I need to keep my Primary monitor screensaver free (actually not that critical since it will usually kick in when I am not around or not clicking at my keyboard), and Wallpaper-change free (CRITICAL--since it can kick in when I AM working)

Re: I am almost there...

Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 12:24 am
by gpb
Filters page:
- un-tick "Use only one filter"
- select monitor number
- select "scrapbook"
- select "Display: No Image"

I can't test it right now but it should work

Re: I am almost there...

Posted: Mon May 08, 2017 3:59 am
by JohnS
Excellent! Thanks