Increase scrapbook settings

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Increase scrapbook settings

Post by remix »

Hi, you've got a great product. I was wondering if you could adjust the scrapbook settings to allow larger images, and/or to allow more images on the screen for whatever size you pick (maybe as a separate slider?). For reference, average size of the images I'm using tends to be something like 800x1200 on a 1080p screen.

Basically I want to cover the desktop completely with scrapbook images, to make it a full collage. However, if I make the image size the max of 40%, it only displays about 3 or 4 images, which do not completely cover the desktop and tend to leave blank spaces (I do not want to stretch or crop the larger desktop image behind it). I wouldn't mind 3-4 images on the screen if I could make the max image size larger and actually cover the whole desktop. If I decrease the size to allow more images, I get a lot more, but again it leaves blank spaces all over the desktop even with the setting for 0% space between pics. The images tend to overlap and not cover the whole screen.

If it will take a while to add this, are there any registry settings you could provide that would tweak it manually? Here's an example of what I'm describing, although not necessarily as rigid: ... lpaper.jpg

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Re: Increase scrapbook settings

Post by gpb »

current WallpaperSS version can't build a collage in the way you described. The algorithm used now can't be adapted to that kind of collage.
I already implemented something similar in gPhotoShow Pro and I planned to add this kind of collage in the next major release of WallpaperSS but at the moment I can't say when I will be ready.
Gianpaolo Bottin

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