Flickr Windows Screen Saver - gPhotoShow Pro Plugin

How to create a Flickr Screen Saver

with gPhotoShow Pro and Flickr PlugIn

gPhotoShow Pro is a powerful and flexible slideshow and screen saver creator, with the help of the Flickr Plugin it can easily display photos from your Flickr account or any other photo hosted on the Flickr servers.

The Flickr plugin allows you to download public photos from any Flickr user account and private photos from your account or from users who have authorized you to see them. The Flickr PlugIn can download from:

- Users Photostreams and Groups with filtering by tags and free text
- Photosets
- Users Favorites
- Latest Public Photos
- Interesting Photos of the day


First of all download and install gPhotoShow Pro and the Flickr PlugIn from the download page

Once gPhotoShow Pro and the Flickr plugin are installed you need to configure them. If this is the first time you use gPhotoShow Pro take a look at the gPhotoShow Pro Tutorial

1) Create a folder where to store photos downloaded from Flickr, for example Flickr inside your user profile

2) Open the gPhotoShow Pro configuration window and add to the list the folder just created

Flickr Screen Saver

3) Select Plug-Ins on the tree on the left, then double click on the "Flickr" plugin to configure it.

Flickr Slideshow

First of all the PlugIn must be enabled by checking the control "Enable PlugIn", then in the field labeled "Folder to store downloaded images" you must set the same folder you added in the gPhotoShow list.

Create Flickr screen saver

If you have a Flickr account and you wish access your private photos you need to click on Authenticate and follow the authentication procedure. In any case you can download any public photo from users photostreams, groups and sets.

4) Add one or more queries. For example you can enter your Flickr username or a group name, here you can see a query on the "Natural Landscapes" group.

gPhotoShow Flickr Screen Saver

Since most groups and photostreams contains thousands photos you must set the maximum number of photos to download. To limit the number of photos a good idea is to enter some tags, they must be comma limited and will help to download only photos you like.

Click on the "Check" button to test the query, gPhotoShow will try to connect to Flick server and will display the number of photos selected by your query or whether there is an error.

After you added one or more queries you can close all windows by clicking on OK buttons and wait for the screen saver to start. If you didn't add any other folder gPhotoShow will display a black screen until some photos are downloaded.

Take a look at the Flickr plugin help to know more about the plugin and write us if you have any further question