Part 2 - Windows Settings

How to use gPhotoShow to build a large digital picture frame which is perfect for all photographers

How to use gPhotoShow to build a digital picture frame - Part 2


Windows Settings

The pc has Windows 10 pre-installed and within few minutes it was ready. Before installing gPhotoShow Pro I changed the following settings:

In the pc Bios, enable the option "Auto Power On". This option is useful to automatically start the pc in case of power failures.

Automatic logon. With this feature enabled when the pc starts it performs an automatic login with the user account of your choice. To enabled it I used the Sysinternals Autologon utility

Windows autologon

Since the pc doesn't have a keyboard I don't want windows to ask for password when the pc resumes from sleep. So I set "Require sign-in" to never.

Windows Sign-in Options


Windows Power options, never turn off display. Display power is managed by gPhotoShow so I disabled windows power management.

Windows Power Options


Changed computer name to "PICTURE-FRAME" so I can easily identify it on the network:

Windows computer name

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