Part 4 - gPhotoShow PlugIns

How to use gPhotoShow to build a large digital picture frame which is perfect for all photographers

How to use gPhotoShow to build a digital picture frame - Part 4


gPhotoShow PlugIns

With gPhotoShow Pro I installed the following plugins: Monitor On/Off, Weather, MQTT

Digital Picture Frame - PlugIns

Monitor On/Off

This PlugIn is useful to turn off the system during the night. For now I configured it to just turn off the monitor because it is the component that consumes more power, the mini pc just consumes 3 watts. Anyway the plugin allows you to set system to sleep (standby) and wake up automatically.

Digital Picture Frame - PlugIns



This plugin simply displays current weather conditions and forecasts

Digital Picture Frame - Weather


I have an MQTT broker installed on a Raspberry PI, this components collects data from power consumption, power production of photovoltaic system and various other appliances. I developed this plugin to integrate the picture frame in the system so it can display values coming from the appliances and accept commands from a smartphone

Digital Picture Frame - MQTT Main

Here is the configuration of photovoltaic production display

Digital Picture Frame - MQTT item

Display Settings:

Digital Picture Frame - MQTT display


And here is how the display looks like:

Digital picture frame - mqtt screen


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