Slideshow not exiting directly after key/mouse event

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Slideshow not exiting directly after key/mouse event

Postby niczoom » Wed May 25, 2016 1:59 am


Ive been using gPhotoShow Pro for a few months now, I have a large collections of images and videos which are randomly shows with music ive selected.

On occasion, not every time, but approx 1 in 3/4 times when exiting gphotoshow I get taken back to windows but the process keeps running with the music playing in the background, this continues for around 20/30 seconds, then the gphotoshow process exits, the music stops and all is good.

I hope ive explained my issue ok. Any ideas why this may be happening.

Win 10 x64, gPhotoShow v7.4.0 (b 820)

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Re: Slideshow not exiting directly after key/mouse event

Postby gpb » Wed May 25, 2016 8:56 am

it's hard to guess what can cause that delay, however if your collection is large it is possible sometimes gPhotoShow is scanning folders while you ask to close the slideshow. If your collection is located on a network drive it is rather normal it could take some time to close, if it is located on a local hard drive it should close within few seconds but it is possible that other running programs can cause the delay.
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